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Children are the most valuable treasures in every family, parents are therefore eager to find out the potential and talent of their beloved ones.


With Dermatoglyphic Analysis (DA), our analysts are able to discover the inborn intelligence of each child and their best way to learn.


Quote of the Day

Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success .."

APJ Abdul Kalam


To Parents

  • Is your child not showing interest in studies ?
  • Is your child not scoring well, even after a solid learning, highly attentive in classroom and regular extra coaching classes?
  • Is your child facing trouble in understanding the lessons and remembering the newly learnt concepts?
  • Is your child feeling confused and unhappy while studying?
  • Is your child always contradict / twitchy / overactive?
  • Is your child so quiet or introvert?
  • Does your child solved the mathematical / logical problems or simple games ? if not…
  • Do you know why these are learning obstacles? Is it because of Current learning environment? Or Incorrect way of stimulation? Or An inappropriate teaching method?



My child was quite stressed. We are thankful to Brainguruindia.com – after our Child’s DMIT analyses, my son stated going about his daily activities with a lot more enthusiasm and fun..."

Mr. John, Business Man

I have been very much surprised with the results of this test. It actually helps and guides a person to make right decisions in his/her life..."

Mr. Mohan, Software Engineer