About Us

We at Brainguruindia strongly believe that every human being is born with an Inborn Talent and Multiple Intelligences. And if one is able to identify his/her inborn talent then he/she can build upon it and can surely excel in life. However, the most people fail to identify their inborn talent due to which they take wrong decisions in selecting their career and extra-curricular activities.


We, at Brainguruindia helps parents to understand their children better through exploring their child’s hidden talents and understanding their Learning pattern. Our company is glad to introduce the latest technology DMIA, which has US patent rights, that will uncover one's innate intelligence and unique potentials based on the integrated database and business intelligence software that provides the accuracy of 80-90%.


Children are the most valuable treasures in every family, parents are therefore eager to find out the potential and talent of their beloved ones. With DMIA, our analysts are able to discover the inborn intelligence of each child and their best way to learn.


According to Dr. Albert Einstein, everyone is a Genius but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is a stupid. We urge you to understand that everyone has a different ability or particular talent. Often, comparing yourself to someone else's abilities might mean overlooking what it is you are naturally more suited towards doing. In other words, stop being a fish trying to climb a tree and embrace your fishiness. The point is that we're not all made to be theoretical physicists. Aim for what you're good at, work hard for what you want, and don't beat yourself up when you can't do everything perfectly.


A G Nartana

Director [Psychology Research & Studies]

M.Sc. [General Psychology], M.Phil. [Abnormal Psychology & Behavioral Research], Ph.D. (Educational Psychology), M.B.A (Education Management), M.A. (English), M.A. (Guidance & Counselling).

She has more than 10 years of experience in Psychological Counselling and Guidance. She is a Student Counsellor, Educational Psychologist and a Researcher. Also has underwent specialization Course on Psychological Counselling Skills at Institute for Human Relations, Counselling and Psychotherapy and a course on application of SPSS in business & social research organized by ICFAI Business School.