What is DMIT?

DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) is the scientific study of finger prints. Dermatoglyphics has been used in diverse fields like medicine, genetics, psychology, education etc. Dermatoglyphics Analysis Procedure includes collecting fingerprints, palm prints and foot prints. The process takes about half an hour; a report will be available in approximately a week. Consultants will analyze individual behavior and study habits to achieve the most accurate results.




DMIT is like a map that leads us to explore our innate intelligence. If we utilize this map, we are able to ascertain each another's innate potential, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, grasp each another's unique qualities and differences, making every child, every individual's development a customized and individualized choice. DMIT reflects info processing, project engagement, perception, workflow and problem solving for child. Parents are able to develop their children's inborn talents and breakthrough their shortcomings without groping in the dark or howling at the moon recklessness.


So, Why to waste time in asking questions like why should I take the DMIT? It is a very simple test that gives astounding results. The counseling session that follows the testing, elaborated on what the test results mean and help a person understand the nuances of their own self. Hence, if you ask us, each and every child should go through the DMIT, at least once in their lifetime.



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